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Stunning scenery frames Sydney to Hobart ride

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Cyclists ride along the Great Ocean Road on the 2014 Variety Cycle. Cycle Traveller

The Variety Cycle is back in 2015 with this year's epic charity ride spanning a stunning route from Sydney to Hobart via Melbourne. From the heights of the Snowy Mountains to the sweeping Tasmanian east coast, the scenery is set to inspire cyclists as they make their way south on the gruelling 2,200km ride.

The fully-supported bike tour, which is a key fundraiser for the children's charity Variety, will provide riders with a new experience following last year's adventure from Sydney to Uluru via the Great Ocean Road.

The 2015 Variety Cycle bike tour route. Cycle Traveller

Riders will set out from Sydney on Saturday 28 February, reaching Hobart 15 days later on Sunday morning 15 March.

For those who don't think they're up to more than two weeks of long days on the bike, there are also a number of other options, including a half leg from Sydney to Melbourne, or from Melbourne to Hobart, as well as four two-day ride options and a one-day ride from Sydney to Wollongong or Nowra. As the ride is also fully supported, cyclists also have the option to only ride part of each day, resting in the bus if things get too much.

The Sydney to Hobart route travels from the major city down the coast to Nowra and then inland to Canberra and the Snowy Mountains before heading into Ned Kelly country in the Victorian Highlands, including the historical town of Beechworth. It then heads into Melbourne and along the famous Beach Road to the Spirit Of Tasmania to be ferried across to the island. Riders will then cycle from Launceston, down to Cradle Mountain and then across to the east coast via St Helens, Great Oyster Bay and Port Arthur – a truly amazing route.

Ride organisers say there is plenty of time allowed to sample some of Tassie's great food and wine as well.

Variety says the funds raised will be used to provide vital equipment and services to Australian children who are sick, disadvantaged or have special needs, helping them overcome whatever obstacles they face so they may live life to the fullest.

For more info, including registration and fundraising details, please visit

Images from top: 1. Cyclists ride along the Great Ocean Road in the 2014 Variety Cycle. 2. The 2015 route from Sydney to Hobart. Source: The Variety Cycle.

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