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Registrations now open for 2014 Ride2Work Day

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More than half of new cyclists who participated in Bicycle Network's Ride2Work day continued to cycle to work at least once a week 12 months later, new data reveals.

"Riders tell us that the Ride2Work program has a significant and positive impact on developing a regular habit of commuting by bike – and this survey proves it," said Tess Allaway, general manager of Behaviour Change at Bicycle Network.

Conducted annually, a national survey of Ride2Work participants found that in the first year of the program, 60% of new riders were still commuting by bike at least once a week.

This was a 13% increase on the 2012-13 survey result, according to Bicycle Network.

This year's Ride2Work day takes place on Wednesday October 15, and Bicycle Network aims to have 14,000 cyclists participate.

To encourage new bike commuters, a number of free breakfasts will be held across the country on the morning of the event.

This includes in Perth, where cyclists will get to enjoy a breakfast organised by Cycling Western Australia at Perth Concert Hall Forecourt, St Georges Terrace, between 6.30am and 8.30am.

Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne are cities that have held free breakfasts in past years.

Registrations for the event are now open at

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