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Self-guided colonial history bike tour of Parramatta

Parramatta's Female Orphan School by Joseph Lycett, 1825 (State Library of Victoria)

This 19km bicycle route takes riders past some of the most significant sites of Australia's early colonial history. Starting at Westmead train station, this is a relatively easy and flat loop route to cycle. Cyclists may also start the loop ride at Parramatta Station, or Parramatta Ferry Terminal. If driving, you can park in Parramatta Park and begin there. This route utilises shared cycling and pedestrian paths, bike lanes and low-speed limit roads. As such, riders should be confident cycling on the road.

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The five best rail trails in Australia

Cycling across the Sandy Creek Inlet bridge, Victoria. Cycle Traveller

There are many rail trails across Australia; some are beautifully sealed and signposted, others have been barely touched since the rail sleepers were removed. The overwhelming majority of rail trails, however, only extend a handful of kilometres, making for a very short bike ride. But times are slowly changing. We've pulled together a list of the top five rail trails in Australia – all above 50km – to keep you entertained for the entire weekend. 

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Discovering Melbourne's Indigenous history by bike

Cyclists on the Bay Trail along Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne. Cycle Traveller

Hidden among the sky scrapers, the traffic and the urban sprawl of Melbourne lies an almost forgotten history: the landmarks and places of importance to Australia's First Peoples. As time passes and our cities grow, the visual remnants of their histories are engulfed, their meanings lost to the general population through time. But for those who go searching, there is much to rediscover. Our ride of discovery takes us down to St Kilda and along the bike path that hugs Port Phillip Bay. It's one of those bright summer days that pairs blissfully with a coastal breeze and glorious coastal views. Just like us, this stretch of coast attracts people like a magnet, so it is little wonder it actually forms part of an ancient Aboriginal songline. 

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Cycling Canberra: the must-do ride for seeing the sights

Cycling around Lake Burly Griffin Canberra, Australia. Cycle Traveller

As we cycled through Canberra the other week, we were reminded what a bicycle friendly place the nation's capital is. From the moment we entered the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) at the north to exiting at the south, there were bike paths everywhere, and cyclists too. Just seeing the hoards of bikes parked outside the Australian National University was marvelous.

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Four great bike rides near New Zealand's capital

The view from Makara Peak near Wellington. Cycle Traveller

Surrounded by harbour and hills, Wellington has a strong claim to some of New Zealand's most accessible and stunning bicycle routes and trails. In a route list compiled by the city's bike-friendly tourism body, it's possible to tackle everything from aggressive single-track mountain bike trails starting just above the CBD, through to a two to three day rail trail that winds into the forested Rimutaka Ranges.

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Fatpacking Straddie: an island bike escape

Wayne and Troy bikepacking on fatbikes on Stradbroke Island, Queensland. Cycle Traveller

A loose itinerary, sketchy details, a map that closely resembled a pirate map of hidden treasure and a couple of blokes escaping something – responsibilities, society and good hygiene. Yep, that about sums up a fatbike trip to the islands. A buddy and I planned out a weekend ride on North Stradbroke Island – another island jewel in Moreton Bay, off the coast of Brisbane (read, From fatbiking Moreton Island to the wilds of Alaska). 'Straddie' is a bit different to nearby Moreton Island, in that it has pristine beach oceanside, with mangrove on the bayside and countless inland tracks, including a bit of secret single-track. It also has lots of route choices and no shortage of 'million dollar' camp sites.

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Biking South Australia's spectacular Flinders Ranges

Cycling to Bunyeroo Gorge in Flinders Range national Park. Cycle Traveller

Wilpena Pound, located in the Flinders Ranges National Park, may be 450km from Adelaide, but if you can squeeze out a four to five day long 'weekend' here coming from Adelaide, you'll be rewarded with some of the most inspiring riding and scenery in the country. The Park offers a number of possible cycling routes depending on what type of bike you have, and your appetite for some (partly) tough dirt roads.

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An island haven where bicycles rule the roads

Hire bikes on Rottnest Island, Western Australia. Cycle Traveller

There is a little pocket of Australia where no cars are allowed bar a shuttle bus. It loops along the roads that follow the pristine white-sand beaches and coral coastline, and once it has passed and the sound of the engine muffled by the wind, the road is left to the cyclists.

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Four great bike trails around Sydney's Manly Beach

View of Manly Beach Australia. Cycle Traveller

Located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Manly attracts lots of visitors with its laid back vibe. Bustling with attractions and activities, there is something everyone can enjoy, whether alone or with family and friends.

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Romance of the ride: Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail

Stop at the Beechworth Provender on the Murray to the Mountains Rail Trail. Cycle Traveller

Everywhere I look, there are cyclists; casual cruisers, Lycra-clad road warriors, husbands and wives out for a morning ride, parents with kids, retirees, mates on mountain bikes – everywhere. No special event has drawn them here, there's nothing out of the ordinary; for Bright in Victoria's glorious High Country, this is just an average autumn Sunday morning.


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