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Victorian bicycle route maps


Mount Hotham, Victorian Highlands

Melbourne is a fantastic city to cycle in and riders can find bike lanes down many of the main streets. It is fairly easy to find your way around town on any given number of cycleways. However, if you would like to plan ahead, these maps may be helpful.

The Great Ocean Walk, Visions of Victoria Copyright.




Rail Trails

The Goldfields Track

Mountain Biking

Victoria has a great 210km mountain bike route called The Goldfields Track that runs between the old mining towns of Ballarat and Bendigo. The three-day ride also takes you through the towns of Castlemaine, Hepburn, Daylesford and Creswick as it winds its way along The Great Divide. I haven't cycled this track yet, but it's high on my to-do list. If you've ridden it, tell us your thoughts. Below is the link to the website as well as the Garmin maps for the three sections.

Images from top: 1. Mount Hotham in the Victorian Highlands. Source: Visions of Victoria Copyright. 2. The Great Ocean Walk on the South coast of Victoria. Source: Visions of Victoria Copyright. 3. Mountain biking The Goldfields Track. Source: Tourism Victoria. Cover image: Grampians National Park, western Victoria. Source: Visions of Victoria Copyright.