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Tasmanian cycling route maps

Nine Mile Beach, TasmaniaTassie's tourism office has made it pretty easy to get around Australia's smallest state with this free self-guided cycle tour that takes you right around the island. This free map has suggested routes that will keep you busy on short one-week rides, right up to a whole month. It also includes elevation charts detailing some nice climbs:

For an off-road adventure, the Tasmanian Trail dissects the island from north to south and takes you through some diverse scenery. It's one for mountain bikes and while it's off-road, it skirts many towns along the way allowing you to stock up:

Salamanca Markets, Hobart, TasmaniaCity maps

The best way for seeing where bike lanes and paths are in Hobart or Launceston is via Google Maps. In Get Directions, click on the image of the bike to see the paths highlighted in dark green.

For rides around Hobart, you can also use this website:

Mountain Biking

For alternate routes, use:

​Images from top: 1. Nine Mile Beach, TAS. 2. Salamanca Markets, Hobart , TAS. Source: Tourism Tasmania