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Western Australia

Graham Smith's picture

Across The Kimberley on the Gibb River Road

Aerial view of Gibb River Road through The Kimberley, WA. Cycle Traveller.

The Kimberley in the northern pocket of Western Australia is a feast of stunning and unique geology, with weathered mountain ranges carved out of ancient reefs. Overall, the region is outstanding for its scenery, bird life and remarkable billabongs, rivers and gorges. Being able to see it slowly, hear the wildlife and soak up the environment at the pace of cycling is an ideal way to travel the region. Graham Smith and his bicycle hit the dusty red dirt of the Gibb River Road that cuts through The Kimberley from Kununurra near the Northern Territory border to Derby on the east coast of Western Australia.

James Desmond's picture

Cycling the Nullarbor: headwinds and horizons

The Eyre Highway through the Nullarbor Plain. Cycle Traveller

James Desmond recounts his ride across the notorious Nullarbor. The route, which stretches between Norseman in Western Australia and Ceduna in South Australia, is a challenge for cyclists riding the southern edge of Australia and making it between roadhouses requires long days, often into strong headwinds.

Alia Parker's picture

The Munda Biddi Trail: cycling 1,000km end to end

Cycling the first leg of WA's Munda Biddi Trail. Cycle Traveller

The Munda Biddi Trail stretches through a natural corridor of bushland from Albany on the south coast of Western Australia to Mundaring north of Perth.

Alia Parker's picture

The top five off-road cycling trails in Australia

Cycling the Munda Biddi Trail in WA. Source: Munda Biddi Trail Foundation. Cycle Traveller

Australia is home to some rather special off-road cycling adventures, with landscapes and scenery found nowhere else in the world. From the world's longest mountain bike trail, to a two-day Red Centre ride, here are five of the best trips the country has to offer.

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