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The Caves and Country Route, Day 3: Crookwell to Boorowa

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Riding through the hills between Crookwell and Boorowa. Cycle Traveller.

Distance: 88km
Cumulative elevation gain: 950m
Cumulative elevation drop: 1,350m
Average slope: 2.5%
Maximum slope: 8%

Once again, the day starts with a climb. This part of country NSW is very hilly and towns tend to be in the valley's near the rivers, which means you generally get some downhill as you enter them, and then wake up to a morning climb. The good news is that this morning's climb is much shorter than those of the past two days.

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On today's ride, you'll start to encounter stunning rounded boulders strewn out across the bare hills, providing another change in scenery. There are no services until you reach Boorowa, so make sure you have everything with you for the day.
The road to Boorowa is up and down, but it's all on road and the climbs are nowhere near as long as on Wombeyan Caves Road. Furthermore, while there's plenty of climbing, you'll actually be losing elevation over course of the day, so even though you'll be covering more kilometres, the ride should actually feel a little easier than the first two days.
Boorowa is a great little town, which hosts the Irish Woolfest and The Running of the Sheep every September/October. This event, which includes shearing competitions and sheep running down the main street of the town, draws up to 10,000 people and accommodation books out, so if you plan to pop by at this time of year, pre-book your accommodation well in advance.
While in town, we stayed at the historic and very friendly Boorowa Hotel, also known as the "top pub", which accommodated all four of us for $75 and included a basic breakfast of cereal, toast and coffee. There is also a bistro with generous-sized meals. There is also a motel in town as well as a campground.

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Image: Cycling through the hills between Crookwell and Boorowa.

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