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The Caves and Country Route, Day 2: Wombeyan Caves to Crookwell

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Cycling near Crookwell, NSW on the Caves and Country Route. Cycle Traveller
Distance: 68km
Cumulative elevation gain: 1,130m
Cumulative elevation drop: 850m
Average slope: 3%
Maximum slope: 14%
The uphill starts from the moment you jump on your bike today and it's a steady climb for about 10km with some nice views to go with it. At the top, the terrain flattens out and then becomes undulating. The dirt ends at about 23km, where you'll have a short 3km run along a paved road before turning right back onto the dirt.

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You're now out of the bush and entering some scenic grazing pastures. You have more than one option to get to Crookwell from here. We had originally planned to cut down to Laggan Taralga Road, but we bumped into a friendly farmer who recommended we head along the paved Golspie Road, which has very little traffic and is in very good condition.
We took his recommendation, and it was a pretty ride, with plenty of green rolling hills to keep your legs busy. It turned out to be a longer route than we expected, so you may want to cut down the back roads as we had originally planned. If anyone decides to go via Laggan Taralga Road, add a note in the comments below to let us know how it is.
Crookwell is a country town with all the services you'll need to stock up, rest and eat out. We stayed at the Upland Pastures Motor Inn, which was clean and comfortable and cost $135 for four people and we filled up at the Crookwell Hotel's bistro (the pub near the round-a-bout), which is a popular spot with the locals and puts on a good menu. There is also a campground and a hotel in town.
Stock up here with water and food for a full day's ride on Day 3.

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Image: Riding near Crookwell, NSW. Source: Cycle Traveller.

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