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Everything you need to know about cycling the world

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The Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook. Photo by Neil Pike. Cycle Traveller

It's been the go-to resource for global bike travellers for almost a decade, and with good reason. From Siberia to Tibet, Morocco to Myanmar, the newly revised Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook covers it all, including answers to every question about touring bicycles you could possible have.

The Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook (ACTH) is so detailed you may be forgiven for thinking the authors have telepathy. And they do, in a very non-mystical sense. That's because at one point in time, they too asked themselves the same questions – before they set out cycling to the far flung reaches of the planet and writing down everything they learned in the process.

A popular guide first written by Stephen Lord in 2006, the third edition of ACTH has just hit the shelves after having been meticulously re-written and edited by Neil and Harriet Pike, who some of you may know from their adventures in the Andes and their website Pikes on Bikes.

In addition, no less than 50 experienced long-distance bicycle tourers contributed to this guide, providing information, advice, first-hand accounts and photos. I am honoured to have been among them, writing the chapter on cycling Australia, which I hope you all enjoy.

Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook, Cycle Traveller

It's humbling to be a part of a project that involved so many respected names, from the Pikes to Amaya Williams, Lars Bengtsson, Peter Gostelow, Alastair Humphreys, Tom Allen, Helen Lloyd, Gayle Dickson and Tara Alan. All the contributors have so much knowledge to bestow and I thoroughly enjoyed reading their input.

Like for instance, did you know that between Chile's Carratera Austral and Argentina's El Chaltén you can hire a mule to carry your bike while you hike over the inhospitable, but stunningly beautiful, terrain? No? Well, you do now!

I highly recommend the ACTH for anyone planning a big bicycle adventure – especially if you're just starting out and not sure about bicycle parts, camping gear and safety. Chances are, the answers to your questions are in this book.

Win a copy! (Closed)

I'm excited to have a copy of the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook, signed by Neil and Harriet Pike, to give away.

To win a copy, tell us about an adventure you have planned (or are dreaming of) in 30 words or less. Email your entry to:

Entries close Tuesday 21 October, 2015 (AEST), and we'll announce the winner with the best answer the following day. The winner will be notified by email to arrange delivery.



Cycling 1800km, the length of the Murray River, gave us a totally different perspective on the communities and landscapes we experienced when we kayaked the river two years previously.

Dear alia thanks for createing this great sight i have played around with cy les and motorcycles for many years. This sight i hope will inspire more adventures on cycles .

We are planning to ride with our Tandem throughout the entire Europe from south to North, mainly along the rivers. We already started in the South of Germany an where in Rome, next is from Rome to Secilia.Next was to go along the Rhine River to Amsterdam.

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