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Dae Choi's picture

A bike trek through rural China to Detian Waterfall

Bicycle touring through rural China to Detian Waterfall. Dae Choi. Cycle Traveller

From Nanning in Southern China, I decided to visit the Detian Waterfall, which is the biggest waterfall in Asia and the second biggest transnational waterfall in the world after the Niagara Falls. The waterfall and the river underneath divides China and Vietnam. To get there, I had to ride along a lot of off-roads in one of the most rural and mountainous regions of China I've been in. (The road was both muddy and dusty, and very bumpy). I've finally realised off-road cycling isn't my thing.

Heike Pirngruber's picture

Cultural awakening: feeling like a celebrity in Iran

Pushbikegirl Heike Pirngruber cycle touring in Iran. Cycle Traveller

Iran is thrilling. The people are extremely friendly, the mosques stunning and the culture varied and not easy to understand. I don't regret visiting it at all, moreover, I am so happy to be able to learn more about the country.

Mirjam Wouters's picture

The Cycling Dutch Girl in South Korea's DMZ

Cycling Dutch Girl in South Korea. Cycle Traveller

It seems to me that the colder it gets, the warmer the people. In the last few weeks on the road near South Korea's northern border we camped less than a handful of times. There are a few good reasons for this. This far north we have came across the military everywhere, even in a temple, where they gave me enough sweets to last for the rest of my time in Korea. On the road every third vehicle seems to belong to the army...

Steven Herrick's picture

A bike ride up Italy's serpent-like Passo Dello Stelvio

Cycling Italy's Passo Dello Stelvio, or Stelvio Pass, in the Dolomites. Cycle Traveller

The Passo Dello Stelvio is a mountain pass located in the Dolomites in Italy. At 2,758 metres, it’s the highest mountain pass of any of the Grand Cycling Tours. I arrived at Bormio, the starting point for the climb at lunchtime. All the bicycle shops were closed for the long Italian lunch. So, instead of hiring a suitable road bike, I scaled Stelvio on my trusty, though very creaky hybrid bike...

Kieran Rowley's picture

Bicycle touring the misty mountains of Montenegro

Bicycle touring the misty mountains of Durmitor, Montenegro. Cycle Traveller

We do not carry travel guides. We'd love to say that this is because we want to get off the beaten track, discover the world for ourselves and choose our own adventure, but to be honest they're just too big, heavy and expensive to take cycle touring. Instead we often head wherever locals and fellow travellers recommend. As a result we headed from Sarajevo, not towards Serbia as originally intended, but through the Bosnian mountains along a rather poor road to Montenegro, or Crna Gora as the locals call it.

Paul Evans's picture

Cycling Japan on a folding bike. Why I keep going back

Traditional Japanese scenery. By Paul Evans, cycle touring Japan. Cycle Traveller

I like cycle touring in Japan because of the scenery, remnants of historical sites and traditional villages, the food, people and just how cheaply I can travel there – I have that down to a budget I can afford.

Alison McGregor's picture

A humbling reminder of the beauty of sight

Alison McGregor training in Sydney for her 800km ride in the US

Being personally affected by Macular Degeneration (MD), I’m acutely aware that blindness affects every facet of life. While I still have my sight, every bike ride for me is amazing. I notice the smallest things that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Yesterday, I avoided squashing a little red chili strategically lying in my path. Lucky for eyesight!

Neil Pike's picture

The new ‘World’s Most Dangerous Road’?

Pikes on Bikes cycling the Karnali Highway, Nepal, new most dangerous road. Cycle Traveller.

Now Bolivia’s North Yungas Road has lost most of its danger, let us put forward our nominee to take its dubious mantle as the World's Most Dangerous Road: west Nepal’s Karnali Highway.


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