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Artist knits Scotland from the seat of a Brompton

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Textile artist Janet Renouf-Miller's brompton and yarn in Scotland. Cycle Traveller

Artist Janet Renouf-Miller has set off on a bike trip of a different kind: throughout July and August she'll be knitting a unique glimpse of Scottish life: the roadside objects found while cycling the country. The respected 57-year-old textile artist will be “meandering” on her 13-year-old Brompton across Scotland on the 'Knit 1 Bike 1' project, knitting the things seen from the seat of her bicycle along the way.

From quirky Bromptons, boats and sheep, Janet's knitted 3D objects will be on display in an exhibition and book at the culmination of the adventure.

Knitted Brompton by Janet Renouf-Miller. Cycle TravellerSo what might we expect Janet to stitch up on this artistic adventure? Well, things could get interesting if the roadside objects she's spotted on recent rides are anything to go by.

They include an entire drum set, sparkly gold high heels on a fence, and £40 alongside a condom and a mound of empty beer cans.

We can also expect to see knitted cars, frogs, slugs, takeaway cartons, midges, wildlife, and mountains. Janet says she will knit little baskets to hold found objects, such as fragments of a car headlight, a pretty stone, or rabbit bones.

The objects will be then used to tell stories, both real and imagined, and shared in her book and exhibition.

Free workshops

Textile artist Janet Renouf-Miller cycling Scotland on her Brompton. Cycle Traveller

But the Knit 1 Bike 1 project is as much social as it is art. Over the course of the journey, Janet is offering free knitting and crochet workshops to those interested in exchanging her knowledge for a cosy bed and a hot meal. She'll be making her way right around Scotland, so if you are in the area, book in a workshop via her website.

About Janet

Janet Renouf-Miller is a Scottish textile artist who has taught spinning, weaving, dyeing, crochet, knitting and felt making at all levels for over 20 years.

She is also the author of 'How to Spin just about anything'.

She rarely goes anywhere without her yarn and her trusty Brompton.

Find out more about Janet on her website, and follow her Knit 1 Bike 1 journey on her blog page.


Images: 1. Janet's trusty Brompton and yarn in Scotland. 2. A knitted Brompton by Janet. 3. Janet and her bike prepare for the bike ride around Scotland.

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