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A humbling reminder of the beauty of sight

Alison McGregor's picture
Alison McGregor training in Sydney for her 800km ride in the US

Being personally affected by Macular Degeneration (MD), I’m acutely aware that blindness affects every facet of life. To date I have maintained my vision with very healthy eating and cycling everyday. But I know my sight will not last. I wont be able to read, write, run, or bike ride independently.

While I have sight, every bike ride for me is amazing. I notice the smallest things that shouldn’t be taken for granted. Yesterday, I avoided squashing a little red chili strategically lying in my path. Lucky for eyesight!

Macular Degeneration is the leading cause of blindness in Australia and I want to assist those with the disease.

While I can see I want to explore as much as I can. For seven days in October, I’ll solo ride 800km from San Francisco to Los Angeles. The ride will raise both awareness of Macular Disease, and funds for the Macular Disease Foundation of Australia.

Alison's ride will run from October 22-28. Alison was diagnosed with Macular Degenerative Disease at the age of 21 and told she would be blind by 30. She is now 38 and attributes retaining her vision to cycling and eating a process-free diet. You can follow her journey as well as find out more information about healthy eating and MD or make a donation to support the cause on her website, Pedal All Day.

Image: Alison training in Double Bay, Sydney for her 800km ride from the Rapha Cycling Club, San Francisco to Santa Monica, Los Angeles. Photo by Marcus Enno.

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