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NSW & ACT cycling route maps

Green Cape, Ben Boyd National Park NSWNSW

Here are some useful, and free, cycling route maps:

Some roads in Sydney can be a nightmare to cycle on, so if you're unsure, check them out on Google Maps using the Streetview function before hitting the road.

The designated cycle routes in Sydney look a bit like a can of worms on the screen, but as you'll see, you can get to most areas in the city by using the network.

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera House

A useful tool for looking for safe routes in the city is the Ride the City website, which lets you pick between the most direct route and its suggested 'safe' or 'safer' routes.

​Sydney City


Suburban Sydney


Australian War Memorial Canberra. Cycle Traveller


The Australian Capital Territory has a neat interactive bike route map that will help you get anywhere and everywhere in Canberra and Queanbeyan.

​Images from top: 1. Green Cape, Ben Boyd National Park NSW. 2. Sydney Harbour NSW. 3. Australian War Memorial, Canberra ACT. Source: Tourism Australia Copyright.