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Discovering Queensland's new Hidden Peaks Trail

Switchbacks and berms heading down the new Hidden Peaks Trail in Queensland.

Stepping off the plane at Brisbane airport, the afternoon breeze is pleasantly warm; a welcome escape from the snow-chilled air I've become accustomed to. In desperate need of a break, a release, and some sun, the invitation to ride the new Spicers Hidden Peaks Trail in Queensland's Scenic Rim – one of my favourite regions of Australia – was too big a temptation to let pass. The plan was for four days of riding on 110km of mountain bike trail with no need to plan, to prepare, to box my bike, or my tent; everything would be taken care of down to the luxury glamping accommodation and champagne at the end of each day's ride. In my current time-poor state, I decided I could very well do with a bit of the Spicers special treatment. So here I am in Brisbane.

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The Larapinta bike trail: West MacDonnell Ranges

Alia on the Simpsons Gap bike path, MacDonnell Ranges. Cycle Traveller

The desert peaks and hidden gorges of the MacDonnell Ranges in the Northern Territory are nothing short of spellbinding. Cutting east to west through Alice Springs, this ancient range stretches for 644km and is easily accessible by sealed road.

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Biking the Big Nasty: how to survive the National Trail

Vincent Brouillet cycling the BNT near Boonah, Queensland. Cycle Traveller

Vincent Brouillet migrated to Australia from France about five years ago, working as an IT consultant in Sydney. But restlessness soon got the better of him and determined to escape the “fish tank” of corporate life, the 28-year-old packed up and moved to Victoria to train for a few months before tackling the Bicentennial National Trail (BNT) – or as others have nicknamed it, the Big Nasty Trail. It would be his first real bike adventure. “It was like a big bang effect. All this energy, compressed, suppressed for some time. When it blew, it was massive and unstoppable,” says Vincent. “I knew I was jumping into the unknown, but I was feeling OK with it.”

Jon Stanley's picture

Far North Queensland: a ride to leave you spokeless

Bikes along the Cape York Peninsula east coast. Cycle Traveller

Jon Stanley shares his adventures cycling a beautiful seven-day loop in far north Queensland, taking in white sand beaches, the Daintree Rainforest, a remote Aboriginal community near the Bloomfield Track and stunning inland mountains.

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An east coast bicycle route from the SCG to the Gabba

Lighthouse at Byron Bay on the Sydney to Brisbane bicycle route. Cycle Traveller. Tourism Australia

The idea for this ride is to cycle from Brisbane to Sydney over spare weekends until it is done. The prevailing winds for most of the year are east/southeast, so if all goes to plan, most days my wife Deb and I will drive to the furthest point and I'll ride north with a tail wind. I'll also be incorporating some ferries. But please note that sometimes I’ll be riding from north to south and sometimes I’ll be starting south and heading back north. So here goes.

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