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Work begins on Outer Harbour bicycle route in Adelaide

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Map of Adelaide's Outer Harbour train line to be followed by the new cycle route. Cycle Traveller

Work is beginning on a major bicycle route that stretches about 20km from Port Adelaide into Adelaide's city centre in South Australia, according to news reports.

The route, which will follow the Outer Harbour railway line, is part of the State Government's $12 million Greenways plan, which is designed to introduce a new network of shared cycling and walking paths alongside public transport routes and public spaces, the Herald Sun reports.

The report says the route will consist of a combination of new shared paths and quiet streets, providing a corridor for cyclist and pedestrians to access the city. The route is also designed to have safe street crossings and easy access to homes, schools, work, shops and public transport while keeping cyclists off the busiest roads.

Work on the Woodville Road section of the route is scheduled to begin this week.

The project has long been close to the heart of the Port Adelaide Bicycle User Group, which has lobbied for safer facilities for cyclists of all walks of life.

"Part of the problem is (often) ... the government thinks of cyclists as skinny people in lycra," Sam Powrie, secretary of the group, told the newspaper.

"But what we're talking about is encouraging people to use bikes for secure transport and building a bike community."

The route will cross six main roads, including the Grand Junction Road overpass, South Road, Park Terrace and Cheltenham Road. The project is expected to be completed by June 2014.

Image: Map showing Adelaide's train lines. The new bike route will follow the Outer Harbour line from Port Adelaide to the city.

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