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New Zealand invests $8 million to improve national cycle trail

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Cyclists on the Alps2Ocean Trail, New Zealand. Source: Nga Haerenga
The 'Nga Haerenga' Great Rides of New Zealand network – 23 routes which cover the length and breadth of the country – has received an $8 million funding boost from a national government eager to build on its early success.
The fresh injection of funds will go towards a diverse cycle path network, which was formulated in 2009 and, according to the organisation responsible for its management, has proved a catalyst for new businesses, jobs and wealth throughout the country.
“The Great Rides are encouraging visitors to travel more widely and do more while they are in New Zealand, which is aligned with Tourism 2025, the tourism industry’s new growth framework," said Evan Freshwater, manager Nga Haerenga – The New Zealand Cycle Trail Inc. (NZCT).
“Tourism New Zealand research shows that around four per cent of international holiday visitors do some sort of cycling while they are in New Zealand and that on average, cycling visitors spend more than other international visitors.”
According to the official Great Rides website, the network aims to add more road touring routes to its largely off-road inventory – enough for tourists and locals alike to cycle the entire country on the network.
The government announced criteria for the $8 million contestable fund over four years.
“This new funding will be used to maintain and improve safety and quality across this world-class network of 23 Great Rides,” Mr Freshwater continued.
“For example, the fund will allow trail managers to realign sections of trail where the gradient may exceed what is desirable for their riders, improve the trail surface or build bridges or boardwalks. The funding can also be used to make repairs after storm damage.”
According to Mr Freshwater, the 23 Great Rides "range from gentle family rides along scenic coastal cycle trails to remote off-road trails that take visitors deep into the great outdoors".
This includes the popular 150km Otago Central Rail Trail - the 'original' Great Ride that in part provided the catalyst for the project. 
'Nga Haerenga - The New Zealand Cycle Trail' is a partnership project between the Government and the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand. A combined $80 million has already been invested into the network by various levels of government, and its managed by a dedicated project team within the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and partnership organisations from regions across New Zealand.
Image: Cyclists on the Alps2Ocean Trail, part of the Nga Haerenga network, New Zealand.

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