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Europcar expands bike-rack ready hire cars to New Zealand

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Europcar bike rack hire cars. Cycle Traveller

The popularity of Europcar's bike-rack fitted vehicles has proved so successful in Australia that the hire car company is expanding the concept to New Zealand.

With tourist numbers to New Zealand predicted to rise, Europcar is preparing to cater to travellers who cycle with a fleet of SUVs fitted with Thule ProRide bike carriers.

“The popularity of cycling holidays continues to climb, and travel by road or off the beaten track in New Zealand is a fantastic way to see the country,” said current New Zealand Road Cycling Champion Joe Cooper of the Avanti Racing Team, who welcomed the initiative.

“There are parts of both islands which can only be accessed by exploring on two or four wheels, and in a country known for extreme sport activities, cycling offers a fantastic alternative for enthusiasts or families looking to visit New Zealand.”

Europcar Australia managing director, Ron Santiago, said New Zealand is emerging as a strong market for cycling holidays and he expects to expand the country's bike-carrier fleet as demand for customised mobility options grows.

"Both the North and South Islands will have an equal share of our bike-ready vehicles while we learn more about the locations with the greatest demand,” he said.

The bike carriers were first rolled out on hire cars in Australia starting July 2014 in response to the growth of cycle tourism in the country.

“We found more and more customers were asking us about transporting bikes safely and conveniently in New Zealand, so it made sense to introduce this solution to travelling with bikes,” said Mr Santiago.

“The bike carriers offer more freedom and flexibility. People no longer have to worry about disassembling their bike and fitting it in the back of the car.”

Mr Santiago said Europcar was proud to support cycling in New Zealand, providing customers with efficient and safe travel solutions to meet their evolving needs.

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