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Brooks England expands product line with foldable helmets

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Brooks folding helmet. Cycle Traveller

Brooks England has released a new range of foldable helmets, continuing a recent trend that's had a number of firms launch similar products largely aimed at style conscious urban-based cyclists.

The foray into the helmet market by the company, best known for its leather bicycle saddles, increases its product line, which also currently includes leather cycling bags and a clothing range.

The J.B. Classic and J.B. Special Carrera Foldable Helmets have been jointly designed by Brooks England and Carrera, and feature a flexible frame and elastic fitting system.

"Finished in a range of tasteful weather proof textiles for an elegantly modern look that is sure to complement any fashionable urban cyclist," Brooks England said.

The new helmets, which weigh 330 grams, are designed to be 'collapsed' down, slightly reducing their size. They are then secured by a leather carrying strap, which also doubles as a trouser strap.

The introduction of helmets to Brooks' line comes amid a rise in concern about cyclist safety in major urban centre such as London. The J.B. Classic and the J.B. Special Carrera are currently the only helmet offering by Brooks, although the company is currently running market research surveys to gauge interest in this market sector.

The helmets meet European (EN 1078) and US (CPSC) bicycle safety standards, although the company's website says the product is "not valid for Australia". In general, the safety standards are more stringent in Australia and the United States than they are in Europe.

According to the US-based Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, the first foldable bicycle helmet to meet the CPSC standard was introduced in 1997, although a number that also meet the US standards have been brought onto the market more recently. This includes a helmet by Spanish firm Closca, which is made from "expanded polypropylene (EPP) high density" and which also targets urban riders.

In what Closca describes as a "telescopic" design, the helmet is made up of three separate parts linked by a cross strap system, and which when collapsed is said to reduce its height by 50 per cent.

For the style conscious, the design also incorporates six interchangeable covers.

"As we go on bike, we will not only be safe, the helmet will be a complement our personal style fully integrated into your personal style," Cosca says on its website.

As of April this year the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute highlighted a number of other firms looking to launch folding helmets, including Morpher and Overade.

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