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Brisbane bikeway to get $2 million "missing link" through city

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A 'missing link' in a proposed cycle path connecting Brisbane's CBD with the city's northern suburbs is set to be built following the appointment of a construction company to complete the 500 metre section.

“Once the entire bikeway is complete we expect up to 5,000 cyclists per day will make use of this route,” Member for Brisbane Central Robert Cavallucci said.

Mr Cavallucci said the North Brisbane Bikeway would mean cyclists can travel off-road from Brisbane CBD to Chermside.

“Cyclists are already enjoying the benefits of the finished bikeway section near Campbell Street that was opened in January this year,” he said.

“This next section will mean cyclists will be able to travel safely under Bowen Bridge Road avoiding three sets of lights and six lanes of traffic.

Queensland Transport and Main Roads Minister Scott Emerson announced Doval Constructions would deliver Stage 1A – Section 1 of the North Brisbane Bikeway.

“This section of the bikeway fills in a 500 metre missing link between Gilchrist Avenue at Victoria Park, Herston to the RNA showground’s Gate 6 at Bowen Hills," Mr Emerson said.

The project, which is expected to start soon and be completed by mid-2015, will receive $2 million in funding from the state government.

Mr Emerson said the project was just one of a number of key pieces of cycling infrastructure the government was supporting. These included an overpass at Moggill Road and the remaining section of Veloway 1 through Holland Park and Stones Corner.

Local Councillor Vicki Howard (Central Ward) said the new bikeway link would be a great benefit to residents, cyclists and pedestrians and would complement Council’s $120 million investment in better bikeways for Brisbane.


Sadly though, the Brisbane City Council/Department of Transport decided (against the advice of their own expert's heritage report) to destroy a heritage listed park on Bowen Bridge Road by running the bikeway through it, rather than build the bikeway through the existing car park immediately adjacent to that park, on the RNA grounds. Bikeways at what cost?

"Heritage" at what cost!

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