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Murray River's Swan Hill aims to boost cycling with new bike paths

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Work commences on the Swan Hill Riverside shared path. Cycle Traveller. Source: Swan Hill Council

A bike path linking the popular Victoria tourist town of Swan Hill with Lake Boga has edged closer to commencement with the appointment of an engineering firm to plan construction of the route. The path would extend the Murray River town's recent efforts to promote cycling by providing safer cycling infrastructure.

Swan Hill Rural City Council has appointed Heil Engineering Consultants to investigate the required construction works for the proposed trail, which will be approximately 16 kilometres in length.

“This project has the potential to provide significant benefit to Swan Hill, Lake Boga and broader communities,” Council’s director development and planning Brett Luxford said.

“It will link closely with Council’s Active Transport Strategy as well as the Lake Boga Economic Development, Tourism and Marketing Strategy.”

The announcement comes as work commences on a three-metre wide shared path at Swan Hill Riverside Park, which sits on the banks of the Murray River. This new section of path will link to the recently developed shared path to the caravan park.

"Further sections of the path will be built as funding becomes available,” the Mayor of Swan Hill, Les McPhee, said.

The proposed Swan Hill to Lake Boga path, which would be a significant addition to the town's growing network, is part of the Active Trail Project, a joint funded project between the Council, Swan Hill Inc and Regional Development Victoria.

The Council said Heil Engineering will also work closely with sub-consultants Liesl Malan Landscape Architects, Essential Economics and Fisher Planning to look at commercial opportunities that could result from the trail and explore possible links with other potential developments occurring throughout the Swan Hill region.

A number of public consultation meetings will be held in both Swan Hill and Lake Boga to gain feedback from key stakeholders, businesses and interested community members.

The Council is inviting people who would like to be involved in the project, or who have an opinion on it, to contact the Council’s Economic Development Unit on 03 5032 3033.

A second stage of the project will involve determining ways to link up active pathways around the lake.

Image: A worker begins construction of the shared path along the Murray River at the Riverside Park, Swan Hill. Source: Swan Hill Council.

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