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Maribyrnong River bike path fully open ahead of Super Tuesday

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Family cycling in Victoria. Copyright Visions Victoria. Cycle Traveller.

It's taken three years and a clean-up bill of $336,000 to repair west Melbourne's flood damaged Maribyrnong River bike path, but the trail along the city's second biggest river is now fully open to cyclists.

The section of the trail between Brimbank Park and Canning Street has been repaired by the state government, with resurfacing and new drainage installed, allowing cyclists to ride the bicycle path in its full 28km glory, the Moonee Valley Weekly reported.

The section has been closed since a flood destroyed parts of the riverbank back in 2009, with the area sadly becoming a dumping ground for waste and old cars soon after.

The trail, which runs from Spotswood along the Maribyrnong River to Brimbank Park, has been resurfaced with a fine crushed rock that is suitable for most bikes, like hybrids, town bikes and mountain bikes, although not ideal for road bikes.

The Maribyrnong bike trail intersects a number of important cycleways, including the M80 as well as numerous bike lanes that run into the city centre. A new path linking it to St Albans is also in the pipeline. The path has very few road crossings, making it an ideal stretch for families and others looking for a relaxed and safe-cycling environment.

The reopening of the section comes in time for the Super Tuesday bike count on March 5, as Brimbank Bicycle Users Group president Ferdi Saliba pointed out to the Moonee Valley Weekly. The count, which monitors the number of cyclists out and about on that particular day, is an important indicator of cycle path demand and therefore critical in determining future bike path development.

Image: Cycling along a section of bike trail in Brimbank Park. Source: Parks Victoria.

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