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New Australian Cyclists Party launches membership drive

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The new Australian Cyclists Party is looking for members to run in the Victorian and NSW state elections. Cycle Traveller

It's been a long time coming, but cyclists finally have their own political party with the launch of the Australian Cyclists Party in Melbourne. However, the party will need to grow its list of members if its hopes of contesting an election are to come to fruition.

Spearheaded by cycling activist Omar Khalifa, the fledgling party kicked off a membership drive at the Ausbike Expo at the Royal Exhibition Building in Melbourne at the weekend.

The party, which hopes to run in the 2014 Victorian state elections as well as the 2015 NSW state elections, will need to register 500 members in Victoria and 750 in NSW in order to contest a seat.

As of today, 170 cyclists in Victoria and 100 in NSW had joined the party, the group said on its Twitter page. With more than a year to go before the Victorian elections, the group is expected to reach its membership target, particularly with the past success of so-called 'frivolous' parties, such as the Surprise Party, the Party! Party! Party! and the Deadly Serious Party.

Minor parties, including those representing interest groups, received strong support at the 2013 Federal Election, with the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party's Ricky Muir winning a Senate seat and recently forging a relationship with Clive Palmer's Palmer United Party.

“Many people are saying, my goodness, if this group or that group can do it, why can't we?” Mr Khalifa, a former CEO of Bicycle New South Wales, told the Sydney Morning Herald. He said it has been very easy to get people to sign up.

However, the ultimate success of the party will come down to its policies, which have not as yet been developed. The Australian Cyclists Party says it is currently writing its constitution. It is also looking for members who are interested in using their skills to assist and grow the party.

More information about the Australian Cyclists Party is available on the group's website:

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