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NSW company launches new touring bike hire service for travellers

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Cycling a bike path on Australian Cycling Holiday touring specific hire bikes. Cycle Traveller

Packing and flying a bicycle around for short trips can be expensive, especially when coming from overseas. Unfortunately, most hire bikes available are not suited to cycle touring. To address this problem, and tap into the growing self-supported cycle touring market, NSW-based company Australian Cycling Holidays has launched a new touring bike hire service.

"Bringing your own touring bike and equipment to Australia for anything short of a three-month trip is just not practical, and that's where we can help," says Emma Tonkin, founder of Australian Cycling Holidays. "We hire out the complete package, exactly the touring kit that we use for our own cycling holidays."

The service is also helpful for those who would like to try self-supported touring but are not ready to invest in buying all the equipment.

The bikes – Trek 8.4 DS models that have been specifically customised for touring – are well suited to all touring conditions, whether it be on road, bike path or dirt road. The duel-sport design has lock-out front suspension and disc brakes, but a sleeker and lighter frame than a traditional mountain bike.

Cyclists can choose from four different frame sizes as well as the type of pedal and seat they would like to use. Accessories are also available, including:

  • Rear panniers, handlebar panniers and map case;
  • Helmets;
  • Trip computers;
  • Rechargeable lights;
  • Pumps and emergency repair equipment.

Prices start at starting at $170 for the first two days, followed by $15 a day for each subsequent day. The bikes can also be delivered to anywhere in central Sydney or Wollongong and this service is included in a $40 booking fee.

Emma says the ability to get off the beaten track and explore NSW and Australia is something more visitors are looking for.

"There are some wonderful locations to explore in NSW and travelling by bicycle is a great way to see the sights at a leisurely pace,” she says. “It's green, it's active, and it gives you time to really experience and engage with the land you're travelling through."

More information about touring bike hire is available on the Australian Cycling Holidays website.

Image: Cyclists riding Australian Cycling Holidays Trek 8.4 DS touring modified bikes.

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