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Anderton breaks world record for fastest solo cycle around Australia

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Reid Anderton on the road on his world record breaking bike ride around Australia. Cycle Traveller

Queenslander Reid Anderton has ridden through the night to set the new world record for the fastest solo bicycle ride around Australia, cutting the existing record by almost a day.

Anderton was met by a welcoming crowd as he pedalled into Brisbane at about 5.15 this morning, completing a 14,100km circuit around Australia in an impressive 37 days, 1 hour and 18 minutes.

“He's ready for bed. I think a shower first and then bed for a few days," Dan Brown, a member of Anderton's support crew and colleague at Eagle's Wings, told Cycle Traveller.

"He's just incredibly tired and exhausted.” 

Understandably, the ride has been a taxing one on Anderton's body, often riding between 350km-550km stretches at a time with little sleep.

While his new record is pending official confirmation, it is more than 19 hours faster than the previous world record of 37 days, 20 hours and 45 minutes set by fellow Queenslander Dave Alley in 2011. It also smashes the time officially recorded in the Guiness Book of World Records of 42 days, 8 hours and 25 minutes, ridden by German Hubert Schwarz in 1993.

Anderton set off from Brisbane on March 10, riding anti-clockwise around Australia and connecting the dots between the coastal cities. He was targeting a round trip of 35 days, a tactically challenging goal.

“Everything would have to go my way for this figure to be achieved,” he said on his fundraising website, Challenge for Change, prior to setting off. Not everything went Anderton's way. He conquered week-long stretches of strong headwinds along the coast of Western Australia as well as some hard conditions through the Nullarbor, slowing his pace and limiting sleep to as little as three hours on some nights.

The ride from Melbourne on the home stretch back to Brisbane flew by in comparison.

“It's deceptively short between Melbourne and Brisbane,” Brown said. “We left Melbourne Thursday and arrived first thing Tuesday morning. It's pretty quick.”

Propelling Anderton through the challenge was his determination to break the record in order to raise funds for his charity, Eagles Wings, a not-for-profit aid and development organisation that supports children and their communities in the poorest regions of Africa.

Donations can be made on the Challenge for Change website.


I rode my bicycle from Brisbane to Broome in 50 day's with no support crew. That's also going through the will go range Rd and the Gibb River Rd. Cycling with 45 kilograms.
I would love to do it again with this bloke If he is keen to a challenge my website is cycling or email me at
I live in Brisbane and would love to do something like this without luggage.

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