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Review: the Topeak Alien II multi tool has you covered

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Topeak Alien II mini multi tool review. Cycle Traveller

I must admit that prior to this week I had seen the Topeak Alien II multi tool around the traps for quite some time and brushed over it because of its size: it is larger than other multi tools on the market and therefore also heavier. However, after actually having an opportunity to play with one this week, my interest in the product has changed – this is one cool and cleverly designed tool.

What is it?

The Alien II is a 26-piece multi tool designed to be used with bicycles. It has a higher number of functions than most standard equivalents, meaning there's a greater chance you'll have the tools you need when the unexpected happens. Importantly for touring cyclists, it also comes with a knife and a bottle opener. While the wide array of tools makes it slightly larger and heavier compared with other options on the market, its weight of 290g is nothing to break the back. And considering what this tool is capable of, its 8.6 x 4.3 x 4.1cm dimensions are pretty impressive.

Most importantly it has all the common size allen keys a cyclists needs as well as two-sizes of spoke wrench, screwdrivers, torx wrench, integrated tyre levers, a chain breaker, chain hook and a mini pedal wrench. It also has a clever compartment for chain pins.

Why I like it

Topeak Alien II mini multi tool review. Cycle Traveller

The design of the Alien II is a standout. Firstly, the multi tool separates into two parts to make for easier use. This is genius because it allows us to use one half of the tool to get a greater leverage on the other. For instance, the allen key on one half of the tool inserts into the chain breaker on the other half, allowing us to get more power when trying to push the chain pin out. While other multi tools often integrate chain breakers, I've found many to be useless due to the lack of leverage. Likewise, the mini pedal wrench can also be inserted onto one of the other tools to allow for more leverage when removing pedals (this is a great feature, but if your pedals are very tight after months of use, it may still not be strong enough to get them off – you may still need to find a friendly local for help).

Secondly, some of the tools – such as the box wrenches and the knife – have the ability to 'lock' into place, preventing them from wobbling about while you're trying to use them. This is a nice addition because wobbly tools are in my opinion the most annoying thing about most multitools.

Would I take this on tour?


Note: Topeak also make the 25-tool Alien III, which is fractionally smaller and lighter at 8 x 4.5 x 4.5cm and 272g. This model does away with the mini pedal wrench (which also reduces the duplicates in the box wrenches) and one of the tyre levers and introduces a handy disc brake spacer instead. Both the Alien II and Alien III are fine tools, however, I still lean towards the Alien II with the extra pedal wrench, even if it isn't necessarily always going to do the trick. However, it is worth noting that the Alien III is made of CrMo Steel and has a pressed stainless steel frame, making it even more durable than the Allien II.

Alien II Specs

Tools 26
Allen Wrenches 2-L/2.5/3/4/5/6/8/10mm
Torx® Wrench T25
Box Wrenches 8/9/10mm (2 each)
Spoke Wrenches 15g/14g
Chain Tool Cast Cromoly Steel
Chain Hook Stainless Steel Wire
Tyre Levers Two integrated into body
Screw Drivers #2 Phillips and Flat Head
Knife Stainless Steel
Bottle Opener Hardened Steel
Compartments For two chain pins
Pedal Wrench Mini (for field emergencies)
Tool Material Hardened Steel
Body Engineering Grade Plastic
Bag Material HD Nylon
Size (L x W x H) 8.6 x 4.3 x 4.1cm (3.4” x 1.7” x 1.6”)
Weight 290 g / 10.21 oz



The Topeak is definitely a solid bike multi-tool. Have you checked out the Crank Brothers tool yet though? I think this thing has even more versatility than the Topeak.


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