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Christmas stocking stuffers under $50 for touring cyclist

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Christmas gifts for touring cyclists for under $50. Cycle Traveller

We've been getting a lot of hits on our Christmas Stocking Stuffer list for last year, but the prices and offers are out of date for that one now, so here's an all new stocking stuffer list for 2013 to help you treat that cycle tourer in your life – and all for under $50.

We've got a broader mix of things this year, with a few things for when on the bike, a few things for the camp and a little light entertainment as well. Let us know if you spot any great deals as well! And remember, if you order anything online to make sure you get in before the Christmas delivery cutoff dates.

Lezyne HP Pressure Drive Pump – $41

I had this one in last year's list and it's back because I love this pump, as much as you could love a hand pump that is – I'd much rather use a floor pump any day. But since I'm not about to carry a floor pump about on my bike, this small, lightweight pump does an amazing job for its size. The pump creates more pressure with each pump than most other hand pumps, meaning less pumps to fill up that tyre. The flexible hose fits both presta and schrader valves and also makes pumping easier because it gives you some options in how you position your hands. According to Lezyne, it's capable of pumping up to 120 PSI. Luckily touring tyres don't tend to run that high because I don't think I'm physically capable of making that happen with a hand pump – even this one – but it does get my tyre to where it needs to be. Currently $40.76 at (plus postage).

Topeak Alien II Multi tool – $45

Topeak Alien II bicycle multi tool gift. Cycle Traveller

We took a look at this multi tool on Cycle Traveller recently and you can read that full review here. Basically, this Alien II is a little larger than most multi tools, but it also has more on it, meaning touring cyclists are pretty much covered in most circumstances. I love that it splits into two parts as well. Normally, this little gadget would come in above the $50 level, but we've found it on sale online at for just $44.95 (plus postage).

Pearl Izumi Sun Sleeves – $35

The Aussie sun can be brutal, so these Pearl Izumi Sun Sleeves are great for any cyclist to have. They are lightweight, coming in at about 42g, and take up about the same space as a pair of socks. They are easy to put on and take off, allowing a cyclist to adjust to changing conditions without having to change shirts. Pearl Izumi's In-R-Cool technology provides a cooling sensation on the skin and the white model helps manage perspiration (there's a black model too that just takes care of sun protection and cooling). Importantly, they also have 40+ sun protection. I notice the cooling sensation while cycling at speeds that create a sufficient breeze, however, in temperatures above 30ºC and no airflow, they do feel a little too warm. Even so, I keep a pair in my panniers and use them frequently, often to keep the breeze off my skin in mild morning air. But note, if it's warmth you're after, go for arm warmers instead. Currently $34.65 at the

Endura Mighty Mitt Glove – $25

A well-made pair of cycling gloves with gel padding to absorb shocks and vibrations on long rides. They have a neoprene knuckle panel, sudette palms with silicone palm grips and my favourite, terry towelling along the thumbs to wipe away sweat. There are also 'handy' finger tabs to help pull the gloves off. A good value summer glove. It looks like most Aussie stockists have limited sizes left (at least online), but, which ships to Australia, has a wide range at $25.49 plus postage. 

Camelbak Podium Chill 610ml insulated water bottle. Cycle Traveller

Janapar – The DVD – $22

This great little cycle touring film has been doing the film festival rounds with warm reviews, meaning you don't even need to be a cycle traveller to enjoy it. I reviewed it earlier this year and you can read that review here. It's a great true story filmed by Tom Allen about how a bicycle ride changed his life. The film can be downloaded rather cheaply over the internet, but the DVD will likely make a nicer gift for that cycle tourer in your life. Buy online for $22 plus postage.

Camelbak Podium Chill Water Bottle – $18

These 610ml water bottles are insulated to keep fluids cool and are great for riding in hot Australian conditions. On the other hand, the insulation can also keep warm liquids warm and reduce freezing in very cold conditions. The bottles are BPA free, have a comfy shape, sit well in any drink cage and have a nice lockable sipper that unlocks easily as well. Designed so you don't get any plasticy taste in your liquids and with anti-microbial protection, these are a cut above your average drink bottle. Currently available at for $17.87 plus postage. (Also available in 750ml size.)

First Aid Kit – $20

This is something all cycle travellers should take with them, especially if they plan on getting off the beaten track. You can find first aid kits in chemists and supermarkets, but outdoor stores have nice little packs for weight-conscious travellers. This one-person kit from Kathmandu is currently just $19.95 and has something to help out in most accidents as well as a little first aid guide.

Cycle Traveller christmas stocking stuffer gifts for touring cyclists.

Nalgene Wide Mouth HDPE Containers – $13

These can be used for so so much, from cooking spices and oils to cleaning liquids and powders. Tourers who plan to be out on the road for quite a while will find them very handy because they can get rid of big bulky packaging and just take what they need. Made of sturdy BPA-free plastics, these bottles are leakproof, durable, and come in different sizes with different style lids, including screw caps and dispensing caps. They can also be put in the dishwasher – not that a cycle traveller will be hauling one of those around. Great little set for $12.95 from Paddy Pallin.

Finish Line 1-step Chain Cleaner & lube – $12

This lube is great for cyclists on the go because, when applied to a clean chain to start with, it helps flush out dirt, prevent rust and protect the chain while also providing enough lubrication for long days on the bike. Available in many bike stores but tracked down online for $11.95 for a $120ml bottle at Cell Bikes (plus postage).

Stainless Steel Cutlery Set v2 – $10

Cycle travellers get very, very hungry, so don't underestimate how important a sturdy cutlery set is. Kathmandu currently have this little stainless steel set on sale for just $9.99. It weighs 100g (heavier than a plastic kit, but better for cooking with because they won't melt in the heat!). It also comes with a little carabiner attachment to keep the utensils together and stop random knives and forks getting lost in the dirty laundry.

* Note: all prices correct at time of publication.

Images from top: 1. Clockwise from left: Janapar DVD, Mighty Mitt Glove, Lezyne bicycle hand pump, Stainless steel cutlery set. 2. Camelbak insulated water bottle. 3. Topeak Alien II multi tool. 3. Clockwise from top: Pearl Izumi Sun Sleeves in white, Nalgene wide mouth container set, Finish Line 1-Step lubricant, Kathmandu one-person First Aid Kit.

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