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Christmas stocking stuffers: gifts for cyclists under $50

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Christmas gift ideas for cyclists, Cycle Traveller

The countdown to Christmas is on and to help you out knock your shopping over faster, we've found a few neat stocking stuffers for cycle travellers. Here's what we're liking:


$47.96  Birzman Feexman SS 12 Function Mini Tool

A mini multi tool is a must for someone's saddle bag when they're out on long rides, so if they don't have one, this is a gift to make them smile. These little light-weight gadgets have 12 of the most common tools that someone might need in a hurry, whether it's adjusting brakes, derailleurs, changing a chain or tightening a fork. We found these on sale now at Bicycle Express.

Lezyne bike pressure hand pump, Cycle Traveller


$44.99  Lezyne HP Pressure Drive Pump

You'll be amazed at how much air you can squeeze out of this little light-weight hand pump. Anyone who has spent a lot of time out on the road knows that flat tyres are inevitable and pumping them from empty with little hand pumps can be a drain. But the little Lezyne models make the job much, much easier. They have a flexible hose that's hidden inside the body that you remove and screw to the outside when in use and these can fit both Presta and Schrader valves. Comes with a frame mount and is currently available in store from Turning Point Cycles in Mordialloc Victoria or online at Bike Exchange.

Smartwool cycling socks, Cycle Traveller

$28.95  Smartwool PHD Cycling Ultra Lite Mini Sock

Smartwool are my personal favourite cycle touring sock brand, and I was quite surprised recently to find them being sold at The Iconic. These socks are extremely comfortable and provide support in the right places as well as little grip strips to prevent the sock bunching inside the shoe. Wool is amazingly suited to touring because it wicks sweat well and it also doesn't smell that bad after a long day's ride – and after a few days on the road, that matters!

Serfas Seat Stay Bicycle Taillight, Cycle Traveller

$23.96 – Serfas Seat Stay Taillight

These little LED tail lights pack a punch in the dark and are also water resistant. They're also suitable for cycling tourist because they can be mounted just about anywhere on the bike or helmet where you can wrap those little rubber straps around, so they make a good option when you've got panniers on and can't see the seat post. On sale now at Bicycle Express.


Powersafw Coil Cable Bike Lock, Cycle Traveller$19.95  Powersafe Coil Cable Bike Lock

Coil cable locks are handy because they can thread through the front wheel and the frame while still wrapping around a tree and sometimes even a second bike too! Currently available in store at Bike Force Bundall on the Gold Coast or from Bike Exchange.

Rock N Roll Bicycle Lubricant, Cycle Traveller

$9.95  Rock N Roll Bike Lube

Every cyclist needs to lubricate their chain and this lube is a great option because it helps maintain the overall health of the chain, allowing for smoother use and longer life. I like the 'Gold' option for cycle touring because it suits all weather conditions and terrains. Currently 50% off at Cell Bikes.
Note: all prices and availability were current at time of publication.

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