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Five tents and shelters to call home while on a cycling trip

Macpac Minatret. A great two-person tent for bikepacking. Cycle Traveller review.

If you are planning to hit the road for an extended period of time, you are likely going to need a shelter that is durable, lightweight, waterproof, comfortable and easy to set up and pack away, over and over again. You'll need a few bits of reliable material to call home.

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Christmas stocking stuffers: gifts for cyclists under $50

Christmas gift ideas for cyclists, Cycle Traveller

The countdown to Christmas is on and to help you out knock your shopping over faster, we've found a few neat stocking stuffers for cycle travellers. Here's what we're liking:

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Four things that help prevent flat bicycle tyres on tour

Mr Tuffys bicycle tyre liners to prevent flat tyres.

Cycle travelling can really put your tyres through the ringer and suffering regular flat tyres is not fun. The bad news is you can't prevent flats forever, especially on epic tours on rough, rocky thorny outback roads. The good news is you can reduce them. Here are four things that we've found that will help you spend more time pedalling and less time on the side of the road.

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A good mid-range bicycle trip computer for touring

CatEye Strada Wireless bicycle trip computer review. Cycle Traveller.


One essential piece of equipment cycle travellers should take when on long tours is a good quality and accurate trip computer for keeping track of distance. These little gadgets, when used with a map, will help you track your location and make sure you don't miss a turn, especially on remote roads where the street name may not necessarily match the name on the map, or perhaps doesn't have a name at all.
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The best panniers for touring, hands down

Which are the best cycle touring panniers on the market?

When it comes to bicycle touring, you need to make sure you have a pannier that can take a true beating. Can it hold its own against torrential rain, scrapes from rocks and branches, harsh sun, cold conditions and everyday use, over and over again? So which are the best ones to buy? Here's our review of Ortlieb panniers.

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Would you wear this invisible bike helmet?

The Hovding helmet

Sick of helmet hair? Is that clunky piece of plastic on your head cramping your style? Well bicycle fashionistas, two Swedish designers have just come to your rescue with the launch of their new "invisible helmet" – the Hövding.


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