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Five of the world's most bike friendly airports

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Child on a bike plays with aeroplane. Cycle Traveller. Source: Shutterstock

The number of cyclists around the globe has been increasing rapidly over the years and now that more people are biking to their desired destinations, architects are increasingly designing facilities to accommodate cyclists.

As 30 Traveler explains, bike accessibility at airports these days is necessary to keep pace with the number of people making the switch to the bicycle as their main mode of transportation. Many airports are now restructuring onsite and off-site parking to designate specific areas for bicycles so that travellers have the option to cycle to the airport if they wish, and some have even installed workstations for riders to build or box their bikes for travel. Airports in different cities have made various distinctions on what makes their facilities bike-friendly. Here are five airports around the world that are making an effort to look after those who travel by bicycle.

1. Portland International Airport (PDX), United States

The idea of biking to an airport can seem rather intimidating, but not for Portland residents. The “commute wellbeing” has improved for the city, and safety on the streets has increased. Getting to the airport is particularly easy with separated bike path all the way. Located just nine miles from the city’s business district via the regional bike trail, this airport also boasts work stations for bike assembly and repair. Conveniently, riders can also borrow tools, such as air pumps and pedal wrenches, among others.

2. Adelaide Airport (AAL), Australia

Thanks to the annual Tour Down Under and a number of other large cycling events, Adelaide Airport has become Australia's most bike friendly airport, providing everything a cyclists needs. The airport has a Bike Service Station at the southern end of the old International Terminal Building, including work stations and tools to build or box your bike, as well as a free bicycle box recycling station. If the door to the free boxes is closed, ask for assistance at the airport's welcome desk. And don't forget to leave your boxes there for the next cyclist. For commuters, free bicycle racks are available on the ground level of the short-term car park with bike lockers also nearby, or there is also a secure storage facility that is locked overnight.

3. London Heathrow Airport (LHR), United Kingdom

Trek Bike and aeroplane.

Cycling has grown to be one of the preferred ways to travel around London. After vast improvements on the city’s bike lanes and other structures for biking accessibility, the number of cyclists in London has nearly doubled in the past decade. Cyclists are welcome to park their bikes at Heathrow in the designated areas for cycle parking without any charges. However, Parking4Less advises that bikers only park in those areas, otherwise the bikes will be removed. For those that would rather store their bikes for a longer period of time, cyclists can leave them in the left luggage office for up to 90 days. It's also worth noting that the airport has a cycling club for its staff – the Heathrow Cycle Hub. There are tools and bicycle experts here, so poke your head in if you need some help.

4. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), The Netherlands

This is another airport with cleverly designed bike lanes, making it convenient for bikers to cycle easily to and from the airport. The specially constructed bike path has proven to be very popular. Because of this, the lanes are quite well maintained. Once there, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol also has a basement baggage depot that sells bike boxes so you can ride to the airport and package your bike for flight. More information on bicycle boxes can be found on the airport’s website.

5. Auckland Airport (AKL), New Zealand

Ever the popular bicycle touring destination, Auckland Airport welcomes its international travellers with a bike work station outside its arrivals lounge making it is easy to access everything you need to put your bike back together. For those who want to leave their bikes at the airport, there are bicycle racks at both the international and domestic terminals. The local cycling advocacy group has also put together a nice route in and out of the city, which you can find on the Cycle Action Auckland page.

Images: 1. Child on a bike playing with an aeroplane. Source Shutterstock 2. Trek bike at the airport.

Have you any bike-friendly airports to add to the list?


Definitely not Melbourne International where you cannot get the bike box to the departure check in without standing it on its end. That was the worst bicycle experience.

Seoul Incheon is pretty good. Relatively quiet, plenty of space to build bike and you can get a train into Seoul or ... Better still ... Get off train after 10 mins and cycle 40km along the Han River Cycleway all the way to the city.

It doesn't really go anywhere, but it's interesting... the new airport in Bangkok has a 23.5km bike track that runs around its perimeter. It's one way and runs in a loop with only one entrance and exit point, so more for jumping on and getting a bit of exercise while watching planes take off.

As a resident I disagree that it is friendly. Have to up end bike to get it through the bollards. No left luggage possibility. Twice I have had to phone a friend when no suitable taxi was able to take my boxed bike.

Vancouver City BC Canada Bike path from YVR International Airport to CDB very easy to ride your bike. There is a train from Airport to Central Station on Granville Street is main Street in CDB cost $2.70 one way.

San Francisco, USA
Faro, Portugal
Christchurch, NZ

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