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Beginners guide to cycle touring in AustraliaWhat you need to know for your first bicycle tour

Find out everything from what to ride, what to take, how fit you need to be, what you need to know and tips on planning your trip. + continue reading



Weather conditions around AustraliaWhere to ride and at what time of year

Australia may be an island, but it's the biggest island on the planet and as a result, the weather can vary dramatically from region to region. + continue reading



Road rules for cyclists. Cycle TravellerRoad rules and cycling etiquette

Road rules in Australia differ from state to state, but there are some common themes that you should follow wherever you are in the country. + continue reading



How to take your bicycle on public transport in AustraliaWhere to find a job while cycle touring in Australia

A long bicycle adventure is a cyclists' dream, but funding one can be hard. Here are some tips on earning an income on the road. + continue reading


Fix It

How to fix your touring bicycle. Cycle TravellerHow to fix your touring bicycle

Videos to help you learn the basics of fixing your bicycle – from flat tyres to wheel truing – so you're prepared for problems on the road. + continue reading



Free bicycle touring route maps. Cycle TravellerLinks to free bicycle route maps

Links to existing cycling map resources for each state and territory of Australia to help you plan your next bicycle tour adventure. + continue reading