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World's longest mountain bike trail on track to open in February

Riding the Munda Biddi Trail. Source: Munda Biddi Trail Foundation, Cycle Traveller

Western Australia's 1,000km Munda Biddi Trail is set for completion early next year, when it will become the longest mountain bike trail "of its kind" in the world. Allan Birrell, executive officer of the Munda Biddi Trail Foundation, said there is about 100km of work left to complete on the Munda Biddi, but progress was on track for it to be ready to ride end-to-end by February. The trail starts in Mundaring in the Perth Hills and runs south to the picturesque seaside town of Albany, taking in the vineyards of the Fergus Valley, skirting the Stirling Ranges and travelling amidst the majestic trees in Walpole's Valley of the Giants.

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An epic 1,000km in seven days for medical research

SuperCycle South Australia 2012. Source: SuperCycle. Cycle Traveller

Cyclist tackle South Australia's most demanding charity bike ride, the SuperCycle, covering 1,020km in seven days to raise funds for medical research.

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Welcome to the launch of the all new Cycle Traveller magazine

Bridestowe Lavender Farm, Tasmania. Source: Tourism Tasmania

Welcome to Cycle Traveller, a brand new online magazine for bicycle touring around Australia where you can find information and inspiration for planning your bike trip, whether it's your first, or 31st! It's hard to pinpoint exactly what inspires someone to strap a few bags to their bike and set off on a journey. For some it's the physical test of powering yourself from town to town, state to state or coast to coast. For others, it's the mental challenge of nailing that hill climb, fighting the headwind and going the distance, day after day. For others, it's the mental challenge of nailing that hill climb, fighting the headwind and going the distance, day after day.

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Australia's longest rail trail opens in Victoria

Image source: Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail

The longest continuous rail trail in Australia has officially opened, providing cycle tourists a quiet 134km off-road stretch of Victoria to travel across.

The Goulburn River High Country Rail Trail lies 100km north of Melbourne and stretches from Tallarook east to Mansfield.

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Knowing your route increases chance of accidents: study

Cyclist on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Copyright Visions of Victoria.

It appears cyclists who are very familiar with their on-road routes, ride road bikes and cycle faster than 20km an hour are more likely to be involved in an accident that lands them in hospital, a new study has found.

The Monash Alfred Cycle Crash Study interviewed 158 cyclist over 2011 who were attended to at the Alfred and Sandringham Hospital Emergency Departments in Melbourne following a crash.

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Ride part of the Santos Tour Down Under

Santos Tour Downunder 2010 Stage 5. Source SATC

Ever dreamt of racing alongside the best in the world? Well, now you can, right here in Australia. Well, sort of. The route is up and registrations are open for the 2013 Bupa Challenge Tour, giving you the chance to ride Stage 4 of the Santos Tour Down Under in South Australia on the same day as the professionals. OK, so you won't exactly be 'racing' against the ProTeams, the organisers like to describe it as a 'challenge'. But you will be riding on the same route, giving you the chance to hit the finish line ahead of some of the best in the world.


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