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Six fun Christmas gifts for cyclists

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Perfect for those who like to slice it up, fixie pizza cutters. Cycle Traveller

Choosing gifts for cyclists can be tricky – many of us are painstakingly picky and seem to have everything anyway. Even so, we're obsessed with bikes and bike-related gifts are an obvious choice. So how can you win at cyclist gift giving? 

One tactic is to keep it fun and simple; unless you know the exact accessory or component or kit a particular cyclist wants, it's safest to steer clear of gifts with any sort of technical aspect (unless, of course, you know for a fact that the cyclist in your life hasn't got a clue about what they want and would appreciate anything, then go for it!).

So, to help you out this year, here are a six novelty items that you can stuff in a stocking to amuse your cyclist friend.

Bikelangelo decorative stem caps. Cycle Traveller1. Bikelangelo stem caps

Does your cyclist have a thing for grumpy cat, world peace or the Big Lebowski? These colourful stem caps make a neat little gift that is a little out of the ordinary. There are 43 designs to choose from, or you can print your own custom designs (although, you'll need to order at least 25 caps to do that, so you'll have to be keen). At US$14.99 plus US$2.00 international shipping, these gifts are fun and affordable.

Find them at: Bikelangelo

Bicycle cassette desk clock. Cycle Traveller christmas gift guide for cyclists.2. Repurposed bike part bits

How about a desk clock made from an old bicycle cassette? Or cuff links that were once chain links? Or a bike-chain keyring that doubles as a bottle opener. Creative types have come up with all sorts of practical items made from old bicycle parts and there are now a stack of these nice little odd-ball gifts about. When done well, they can look quite cool.

Find them at: Bits of Australia and Etsy AU

Oopsmark's bicycle wine rack. Cycle Traveller gift guide.3. Drink holders with a difference

Let's be honest, no one's going to get excited about getting a standard bottle cage and plastic drink bottle. But coffee cup holder? Leather bicycle wine rack? Or six-pack beer holder? Now we're talking. These gifts will have your urban cyclist friend riding to every picnic or dinner party for the rest of their lives.

Find them at: Cycle Style

Fixie bicycle pizza cutter. Cycle Traveller gift guide4. Fixie pizza cutter

Clearly, the obvious way to cut pizza. These bikes will slice it up nicely, with two-blades fashioned in the style of a fixie bicycle. They'll take pride of place on the kitchen shelf and are a sure-fire way to get homemade pizza served more often. There are three 'models' to choose from and they even come with a bike stand for when not in use. Check them out on Melbourne-based Cycle Style, which has a stack of other fun ideas as well.

Find them at: Cycle Style

Happy Socks. Cycle Traveller gift guide5. Happy Socks

This is not quite your boring old socks and undies gift, especially for road cyclists that have developed what can only be medically described as a sock fetish – it's a lycra-clad thing. But trust me, awesome socks will go down well. These socks aren't cycling-specific, but there is an 'athletic' range. Check them out for all sorts of wild sock designs that make you, well, happy.

Find them at: Happy Socks

Aussie Butt Cream and Ass Savers. Cycle Traveller gift guide for cyclists6. Ass savers and Aussie Butt Cream

If all else fails, a bit of butt humour never goes astray. Funny names aside, these items are actually very useful. An Ass Saver is a simple piece of plastic that tucks up under a bicycle saddle to stop water and dirt spraying up over a cyclist's 'ass' while riding in soggy conditions. Aussie Butt Cream is a chamois cream that riders can rub either straight on the skin or into the chamois of their cycling knicks. It helps reduce saddle sores, chafing, discomfort and infections and is very much appreciated on long rides.

Find them at: Bicycle shops like 99 Bikes

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