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Bupa lists Cycle Traveller in favourite Instagram cyclists

Alia Parker's picture
Cycling near Cape Tribulation, North Queensland. Cycle Traveller

It's always a nice to see bicycle touring in the spotlight, so we were very excited when Bupa Blog author Kimberly Gillian emailed to tell us Cycle Traveller had been named in Bupa's Favourite five cyclists on Instagram – especially among some rather inspiring cyclists.

As many of you already know, we've been cycling around Australia as part of our Australian Bicycle Route Project, creating long-distance bicycle touring routes to help cyclists and would-be-adventurers to get out and see Australia the slow way – by bicycle. As we've been riding, we've been updating you with the stunning landscapes we discover via our Instagram feed. If you haven't seen it yet, you can find it at @cycletraveller.

We love what we do (how could you not love being out on a bicycle everyday and seeing so many wondrous things!) and we're really passionate about helping others to love it too, so it's lovely whenever we hear that we have helped to inspire others and that you enjoy following our journey.

The Bupa Blog named us alongside four other inspiring cycling Instagram feeds of different genres. These include actor Samuel Johnson's @loveyoursister, in which he shared his amazing unicycle ride around Australia as he raised funds for breast cancer research. You may remember we interviewed Samuel and his just as inspiring sister Connie last year, and they told us about the two very different struggles they faced. Love Your Sister is a well deserved winner.

It is also a pleasure to be named alongside the Dutch professional cyclist Marianne Vos at @mariannevosofficial – an Olympic gold medalist and world champion that shares the behind-the-scenes life of a pro cyclist.

Also up there are some big names – @cyclingaustralia and @bikemag – which update Instagrammers on all things road cycling and mountain biking, respectively.

Then there is the very cool San Francisco bike store @missionbicycle that posts what many describe as bicycle porn – stunning photos of fixed-speed bicycles to drool at.

Do you have a favourite cycling feed on Instagram? Let us all know who you follow.

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