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Hello there, I read this blog with great interest. At the moment I am on the Munda Biddi myself (in Walpole, going for Denmark/Albany as soon as weather gets a bit better) and ride with four panniers - two small ones in front, two big ones on the back.
Though the front panniers definitely add to the overall weight of the bike, this weight also helps balancing the bike out - when I take only the back ones, say for a weekend trip, I notice that my front wheel tends to slip in corners, simply because the weight is all at the back. Same thing seems to happen when the trailer pushes from behind - you lose control up front.
I also like the way those four panniers help me organise my stuff - front left is tools and general hardware, front right is food, rear left is sleeping gear, rear right is clothing - though I do see the positives with a trailer and chucking it all in one bag :-).
As for water proofing: I use the Ortlieb Plus line, which is lightweight and very waterproof at the same time - tested in Iceland as well as in Australia, and on various trips in Germany :-)

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