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Repeal mandatory helmet legislation.

MHL has a number of negative effects that not only sound plausible, but are also validated by studies. And its only positive effect does not actually appear to manifest when you apply the correct epidemiological approach to population-level data. Here's an epidemiologist, Ben Goldacre (the Bad Science guy), writing in an editorial in the BMJ on the subject:

This sounds counter-intuitive to many, but here's the thing: cycling isn't actually dangerous. You're *half* as likely to suffer a serious head injury on a bike as you are in a car, and nobody's going to tell you how you've got a death wish for getting in a car without a helmet. MHL justifies itself by creating the perception that cycling is dangerous. In reality, it's an obnoxious intrusion that scares folks off bikes, and even makes criminals of the least scared. It's a tool of the car lobby.

Lots of powerful people want you in your car, despite whatever two-faced dribble you might hear about sustainability. Cars are cash cows.

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