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The key issue is that many people feel insecure riding on-road. The institutional response is "infrastucture" in the sense of protected bikelanes and so forth. No wonder we are getting nowhere.

The infrastructure being provided is of questionable value to cyclists, but even that is being built at such a glacial rate that we are looking a timelines of close to a century to get it all done. That would be even if the outer, cyclist-unfriendly, suburbs were not still expanding rapidly.

Worse, the infrastucture planning is extremely wasteful, concentrating on easily-built long stretches that have relatively little need of treatment while ignoring, or even aggravating, problem points. If this seems incredible, study the bikepaths out in Craigieburn where bikepaths keep cyclists off the wide roads with their long sightlines then the paths disappear at roundabouts and cyclists are directed onto the footpath. Not shared path, because there are no signs designating it as such, but footpaths on which cyclists are obliged to get off and walk. Not all examples are as bad, but few are really good.

Most cycling is done on roads, so we need to make all roads ridable, not just a selected few. Speed limits need to be set more appropriately for sharing space than for cars alone, and intersection and squeeze points rectified. Even in The Netherlands, a lot of local cycling happens on roads, even after massive and highly-systematic investment in high-quality cycling infrastructure, so getting cyclists off roads is not the way to address the issues, particularly in the short term.

We need safe roads, not traffic Aparthied.

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