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Yet another announcement of a mapping app. Well I hope it is a good one, but I humbly submit that you need to think about how it will fit into the ecosystem of maps, routes, platforms and stuff that we already have. At a glance I'd struggle to see what things from a functionality perspective you could add to what we already have. On the other hand, publishing your routes in a good interchangeable format will always have value. Just as background, I currently use the following:
- Google Maps including Streetview for "exploring"
- Google Earth to take the Google Maps view and translate it into KML/GPX for interchange
- Garmin Basecamp for route tweaking, typically with base maps from OSM, often the bike-specific ones.
- A web mapping tool (GPSies) for producing some images including profiles and for doing some format conversions
- OSMAnd on my smartphone with copies of the planned routes as back for my GPS.
- Garmin 810 with the same base maps and the planned routes for navigation.

If you are going to make another mapping tool then here is my 2c in terms of what I'd be looking for.

First, you really only have two choices in terms of basic mapping data, either Google or OSM. I would recommend that you use OSM data or that you allow the user to switch between the two.

Second, do you plan for this to be used for route planning or navigation? Using a mobile phone for navigation is fraught: mostly because of a lack of robustness, weatherproofing and battery life. Yes I carry a mobile phone with OSMAnd loaded but it is really only as a backup to the Garmin which is much better suited to the navigation and data capture tasks, or a "now I've arrived, take me to the laundromat" sort of navigation. Where the dedicated GPS systems are weak is in route planning: Garmin Basecamp and similar are fairly clunky. If we had a route planning tool that allowed us to pick from auto-calculated point to point, imported routes, Strava segments etc. and build a single planned route which could be shared with GPS units and OSMAnd then that would be fantastic!

Third, what platforms do you intend to support? For planning, a web browser is the best (you can drop into an internet cafe en route to make changes). If you want it to do navigation then that means iPhone and Android which is a lot of work.

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