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Hi, I came across this page and thought I would mention this app called Komoot:

They don't have a footprint in Australia, however instead of having to develop an app yourself when you have no experience in UI/UX and mobile design, I think you could focus on the route instead of the app, it would be awesome.

Here is my email correspondence with Komoot last month:

"Hello, please make Australia a region. As a non-european user, without a region, I can't do much with your app at all, hence no motivation to purchase the "All-Regions" pack for $38 australian dollars.

Especially because you are missing a lot of data for countries outside of Europe, by opening up access you are more likely to gain passionate bike users to add the data you require.

It would be good to at least have a trial period, or a more realistic price just for my country, instead of the whole world, like $3 to $5."

and their reply

"Hello Adam,

we have now changed the system. As there are no regions available in Australia, there are no offline maps of specific regions you can download. But you can now plan Tours and download them with the entire maps needed for the tour and use them for offline navigation for free.

Just plan a Tour, then use the button "offline available" underneath it, and it will be downloaded with the entire maps you need, and of course you can then follow the Tour with voice navigation.

It is of course also possible to use komoot with internet connection, and record your Tours.

Best regards

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