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Hi Scott,

We bump into the Mawson Trail a few times but we're keeping this route quite separate. The route we've chosen uses quiet sealed roads and also some dirt roads, but you won't need a mountain bike. It is designed for classic loaded touring bikes, so it will be a little smoother than the Mawson. Our route also brings you into closer contact with towns, water and food all while focusing on the gorgeous scenery.

We'll be writing more in detail about the bikes we're using to ride the trail in detail in upcoming posts, but they're your traditional steel frame touring bikes by Clamont frame builder Geoff Scott. We're using Rubena Flash Stop Thorn 700x35 tyres and we're really happy with those. For people who would like a bit more comfort on the dirt, you could push it up to a 700x40 tyre to play with the air pressure, or use suspension, but it is not necessary.

So far, the sections of dirt roads we've ridden have been good. A little gravelly and corrugated in some sections if the road hasn't been graded in a while, but it's generally smooth at the edges of the road. We've been picky not to choose roads that are too rough. And then most of the route is actually on sealed roads, so much smoother :)

We're mostly camping with some motel stops in between. For the entire Red Centre Route from Adelaide to Darwin, you will need to have a tent with you to complete, but for the section we've ridden from Adelaide to Wilpena Pound so far, you can actually leave the tent at home and stay in pubs/motels/cabins.

There's sections of the route we're still tweaking as we ride, so all the info won't be available until we finish the whole mapping project at the end of the year.


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