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Mike, it depends on time of arrival , with Qantas it is around 6am in the morning. Leaving by bicycle from the airport is difficult, due to security. To date I have used courier companies to deliver my bike and large bag to where I am staying. Kuroneko ( Yamato transport) were my choice for many trips, but they refused the bike box this trip as it was too big! So I used JAL/ ABC , costs about $30 +. That leaves me with just a carry on and then catch either a local train for a long trip to Tokyo or grab one of the super fast ones (NEX) and have breakfast in Tokyo. Normally it can be same day delivery or first thing next morning.There are a number of facilities at Narita from couriers, car hire, phone companies. Express bus might take a bicycle but have heard that it can be 50/50. Never take a taxi the cost is equal to 3 nights at a good hotel and it can take hours if traffic is bad and if they accept a bicycle they charge extra. Trains can be downright difficult with bike box and luggage . On one trip I did take my bike box, on wheels, to my digs at Narita city and left it there till I could book in at 3pm , nowadays I request early book in at wherever I stay it is worth the extra $. The last two times my hostel and apartment kept the box for me, till I came back from my trip.

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