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I have had 2 separate cycle 505s. I am having the same problems with both of them.

1) Nobody tells you that if you buy it in Australia, you will not be able to (EVER) get maps for Europe for it. It will only work for navigation in Australia and New Zealand.
2) Hopeless battery life. If you do long distances on a bike and you want to record your rides, forget it. Your battery will run out of puff after about 8 hours so if you're doing over 200K you won't be able to record your Strava Record.
3) Hard ware and software is unreliable.
A) My Cyclo 505 will frequently not be able to find satellites when every one else Garmin finds satellites easily. I have often had my cycle simply refuse to record my ride or stop recording halfway through a ride.
B) False battery errors - I can take my cycle straight off the charger over night and get a battery low-charge message when I turn it on.
C) My Cycle 505 will not respond to touch now. The screen is completely frozen. I cannot use any of the menus buttons at all. I can just turn it on and off again using the main button. I cannot do a factory re-set to restore it either.
D) Cannot program in routes you want to take! (WTF!? Isn't that the whole point of a cycle computer?)
4) Customer service is Australia is embarrassingly hopeless. There is a single number answered by a single guy with a bad customer service attitude.

I can't wait to return my Cycle 505 for a full refund. The extra money you pay for a Garmin is DEFINITELLY worth it.


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