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As a user of Garmin for many years, I was nervous when I switched to the 505. I had a 510 before, and did experience BT drop out and erratic sync with the phone. I think the 505 is great though had a bit of a mess around to get it going and upload the update as I am a Mac user and it only supports Windows and Safari on OX 10.8 which was frustrating. Bootcamp later and the Desktop tool installed and I could get it going. The Desktop tool is slow and buggy and appears to freeze on occassion and I am left wondering if it is frozen, taking an age or what and I dont want to break the thing by disconnecting prematurely. THis needs sorting out (both the buginess and the lack of Mac support-there are a ton of home Mac users out there now). Thankfully once disconnected, with WiFi link all the stuff can be uploaded and the computer is a bit more redundent. THe sensor connections are all sound for ANT+ and BT, though only having combined cadence/sensor is a bummer as there are separate units out there, most notably the new magentless Garmin ANT+ speed and cadence units which I have and want to use but they wont pair with the 505 (as it only supports a combined unit). Hopefully a future update will fix this. Overall, great unit and I am happy with it. Very nice checking out texts and taking calls (with 'phones in ears).

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