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I agree the Garmin Edge 1000 is a complete and utter disaster!

My Edge 1000 has the same issues that you describe:
1) Screen locks every time you touch it
2) Sensors constantly disconnect
3) Bluetooth constantly drops
4) Failure to sync with the Garmin Connect App
5) Can't change the Di2 gearing info
6) WiFi does not work

I ordered the Magellan Cyclo 505 and it's scheduled for delivery this Saturday.. I am sending the Edge 1000 back to Garmin as soon as it arrives!

I would also advise everyone to steer clear of the Edge 1000. It's a complete disaster!

I did a TON of reading reviews before buying the Cyclo 505 and I understand the 505 does connect with the Shimano D Fly and there are several reviews that show the settings. Check DCRainmakers sight, he has a pretty good review on the 505's D Fly connectivity.

Best I can tell the 505 does not have anything like Garmins Live Track. The 505 has an emergency feature that will send you location to someone via a text message I believe..

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