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I find both devices frustrating. I own an Edge 1000 and have been trying to research the 505HC. I have been to the Magellan site and the information on the device is poor. I understand that it also connects to the Shimano Di2 D-fly transmitter. However I am unable to confirm that this part of the 505HC's applications. Also I am not sure if the 505HC connects via phone and is able to transmit data in real time. Finally - I do not know and cannot find where to go to have a decent look at one prior to purchasing.

My recommendation to all is DO NOT PURCHASE AN EDGE 1000. The device has great potential but does not do much of the important stuff that it should do, for example:-

Screen lock comes on randomly
WiFi connection does not work
Bluetooth drops in and out randomly and sync issues often appear.
Auto pause function will turn off randomly
It will only accept one set of sensors - If you have two bikes you either have to have two devices or spend several minutes deleting and re pairing when you swap bikes.
It took me some time to work out how to stop the device from deleting rides once you upload to the crappy Garmin connect. I cannot find out how to export data from Garmin connect back to the device so that I can load on Strava - much better and more popular software.
The Gear indicator function works (but seems to drop our a bit, requiring re pairing) It would be better if the gear display had a graphic interface as well as displaying gear numbers. - currently the only thing available is 1/2 - 2/2 and 1/11 - 2/11 - 3/11 etc through to 11/11. When one is hypoxic and in severe pain - numbers are harder to take in!!

When Garmin comes out with a comprehensive software update the device may be worth buying - but at the moment it is very disappointing.

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