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Sorry, said Garmin, meant Magellan.
That firmware update (v4) has not been released yet, and Magellan Tech Support here in Australia will not say if it has any improvement to the sensor pairing issues or not.

I have created a list of all the problems I am having with the Cyclo 505, the magellancyclo website and the Magellan desktop tool. In the interest of helping others who may me looking at purchasing the 505 I'll add it here. Admittedly some of the problems are minor but taken all together they show this is well and truly a Mk1 product. Hopefully some of the issues will be fixed with future firmware updates.

Cyclo 505 Software problems
1. Speed Sensor Problems
Cannot remember manually paired sensor
Pairing must be left on Auto and it repairs every time 505 started, but often won't pair with speed sensor
Best Workaround: Do not turn 505 on until you start cycling. Should find both HR and Speed sensor within 30 secs. If it doesn't turn unit off and back on. Repeat if required.
2. HR Sensor Problems
Riding in a bunch, without my HR transmitter. My stupid Cyclo 505 asked me constantly, “Do you want to pair with this HR transmitter” NO Then again with another NO then another NO etc etc etc ad infinitum. How simple would it be to get the stupid thing to stop trying to pair with HR sensors once speed is over say 10 k/h or cadence is over 20rpm.
Best Workaround - go into settings and select "No Sensor" if you are not wearing the HR Sensor
3. Mapping problems
(a) When riding in map mode I get regular and incessant beeps because 505 thinks I am riding through the bush instead of on the road. Off-track tolerance (if it exists) is way too small
(b) Alert Settings gives no choice of turning of some alerts (like off-track). All navigation “Instructions” (they’re not instructions they are beeps) can be ON or OFF – should be a selection to turn each individual alert ON or OFF
4. Usability problems
(a) Far too many stupid messages and confirmations.
Press power off and it wants confirmation.
Detects movement and asks if I want to start recording. Can't turn this off, should be user selectable
Stupid messages asking for pairing sits on top of Dashboard and obscures it. Should be no such messages once ride is underway (user selectable)
(b) Zones are wrong. For my age (63) Maximun HR is 157 by the most common formula. 505 says it is 173. There is no formula I have seen that gets it this high.

Cyclo 505 Hardware problems.
1. Two piece Speed/Cadence sensor is cumbersome and unnecessary. There are many combined units that work very well.
2. The battery door on the speed sensor is on the inside not the outside. Changing the battery is very difficult and involves getting grease from the chain on hands and arms
3. The battery door o-ring is not retained and falls out when the door is taken off. Very easy to trap the o-ring when putting the door on, especially with the door's ridiculous location on the inside.
4. The 5/8 turn out-front mount (not 1/8 turn as advertised) is cumbersome and difficult to use. I have seen pictures posted on-line of the plastic tabs on the 505 breaking off after minimal use. I find it very difficult to ensure both tabs are properly engaged before turning the 505 to lock it.

Documentation problems
Getting Started Documentation: A few hard to follow pictures for setup made the process much harder than it should be.
User Manual: Doesn't go into any depth at all. For example doesn't explain the difference between Manual and Auto sensor pairing and which one should be used. Doesn't say that if a sensor is not used (eg HR) it should be set to "No Sensor". Website problems
1. Cannot create routes or edit routes
2. There is a setting to leave recording on the cyclo when synching but this does not work and files are ALWAYS deleted from the 505 after syncing.
3. When the 505 is connected the website constantly shows that it is Syncing when it is not. Syncing should be started with a sync button and then stop afterwards.
4. No instructions on how to load 3rd party tracks and website doesn't seem to be able to do it. Had to go to a forum to find out how to copy new tracks to 505 manually. Eventually found those instructions hidden in the manual.

Magellan Cyclo v3.07 (only used for firmware and map updates) problems
1. Tells you to "Close this Desktop Tool before accessing to avoid connection conflict problems." but there is no easy way to close it. Clicking the cross in the top right minimises it to the tray but does not close it. Can be closed by right clicking launch bar icon and selecting Exit. Lame
2. Always starts up with "Run at Startup" ticked. Unticking it has no affect, it still always starts with Windows and this option is always ticked.

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