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I've opted to pull a second dynamo in my trailer wheel. Critics have claimed there is too much drag. I don't even know the load is there once I get going. You adjust to whatever load you have to pull. I try to avoid ranges which really turns the rig into a "Push Bike". I power an iPad, phone, head torch rechargeable batteries, a wifi dongle. I have a B&M light set which demands all the power from the front wheel when I opt to move in the dark. Otherwise my battery banks are plugged in. The Chinese have developed quite a range of cheap Power Banks to support Mobile Phones. I have a 2200mah iCable that came with my dynamo. This will charge a phone once. I also bought the Pedalpower+ battery rated at 6800mah that will charge a phone and head torch AAA rechargeables, or put half a charge into the iPad. That lot cost me $240. I then found a big range of Battery Banks on Alibaba. I bought a 12000mah power bank for $34! Which will fully charge my iPad. It has both 1a and 2a USB discharging ports. It recharges through a mini-USB port at 5v 3a DC. My regulated dyno power supplies this. Recently, I found a 20000mah Powerbank advertised on eBay for $38 inc postage. It has 1&2a discharge USB ports and a micro USB recharge port. It came with a range of adapter plugs for all common phones and tablets. I bought it and it is performing well at home. I hope to be back onto my bike soon. Do you save your power or do you use it as it comes? I generally discharge my BB's into my appliances while I sleep then put them back onto the dynamos during the day while I am moving, one in a front glove box and the other in my trailer.

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