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aaw blimey, reading James' article brought back some memories for me. did the same from Norseman to Ceduna way back in 1985 with my Canadian friend and can remember well the depressingly little headway made against the relentless headwinds even after hours and hours of pedalling in 'granny' gears !! But also remember the hospitality from the 'nomads' and the shocking prices at the roadhouses. We came across 4 other cyclists..all heading west, the one in worst condition a young Japanese lad who gobbled up the 2 apples my mate gave him as he said he had run out of any significant food the day before . We did ok helped having the same size wheels so we only carried 1 spare tyre but 4 inner tubes between us.We could hardly move our bikes when we left Norseman with all the food we carried and thought we would have plenty for the crossing that took us 10 days, but were on meagre rations after about day six. Pity about Yeleta roadhouse closing.. remember polishing off a whole (large) pack of cornflakes between us in 10 minutes much to the amusement of the staff ! wow, cycling in those conditions sure does burn the calories !!!

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