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I used the marathon plus for the majority of my 21,000km tour, I was indeed amazed by the durability and the puncture resistance of the tyre, but it has to be said it is an extremely slow tyre.

After 5,000km across europe and turkey I decided to take an opportunity to switch from the regular marathon's to the tour plus version. My original marathons hadn't in fact worn and impressively I'd only had one puncture in the first 4,000km (the regular marathon does not have the smart guard punctureproof layer), however, I eventually got a recurring puncture in my rear and not being able to find the cause I decided to "upgrade". ( deliver to a lot of countries!)

On switching to the tour plus I seemed to lose about 5km/h!

I rode the marathon plus's for 10,000km+ from Tbilisi, Georgia to Singapore, through a mixture of road types and quality interspersed with some off road sections. Punctures were few and far between (they do happen occasionally!) and remarkably the tread on the tyre was still fully intact after the distance.

Having not switched my front and rear tyres around at all, the rear tyre eventually gave up when the tyre wall split. with 10,000km on the rear of a bike pushing 50kg it was an admirable performance.

After singapore I flew to Perth to cycle across australia. I couldn't find any marathons in Perth and being on a tight budget I replaced the rear tyre with a Specalized armadillo, which barely made it 3,000km before it had been worn to paper thin and needed to be replaced. The marathon plus that had been on my front made it the whole way to sydney (another 6,000km) and still looks as good as new after a total of over 16,000km.

I would certainly use the marathon plus tyre again, it is an excellent multi surface tyre that really won't let you down. However, If i knew my tour was going to be mainly on smooth roads (e.g. Europe) I think i'd look for a faster, lighter tyre.

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