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Hi Iris,

So many options :) Perhaps decide if you would like to spend more time near the coast or inland in the ranges. Both are beautiful. 

One of my favourite areas is around Bright, Victoria. The area has a popular rail trail called the Murray to the Mountains, but it's also great for road cycling. You can then head toward Canberra via the Snowy Mountains then maybe do a train trip from Canberra (or Gouburn) up through Sydney and north (maybe somewhere like Coffs Harbour) before resuming cycling again along the coast to Brisbane. There's a little info about cycling from Sydney to Brisbane here.

Or you could to it the other way around ... cycle the Victorian/NSW South coast, and get the train up via Sydney to somewhere like Casino and explore the hinterland areas of Queensland around near the Scenic Rim. All very pretty options and you will have a good time either way.

Check the train service you plan to use. You can just wheel your bike on to the local trains, but if it's an intercity service, they make you box your bike. The city networks can extend quite far. For example, the Sydney network will get you as far south as Goulburn or as far north as Dungog without having to box your bike. You'll need to check with individual bus companies about their policies depending on where you go.

In general, try to avoid main roads as best you can, especially near the east coast as these get pretty busy (particularly on holidays).

You should come across plenty of camping options. Use apps like Wiki Camps or Campee to track them down.

Best of luck!

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