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Why I've been MIA and other life stories

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Me, at Mount Hotham, not riding a bike.

You know that cliché that starts, 'when life throws you a curve ball'? Brace yourselves, I'm about to use it. I'd like to say I've been thrown a major one, because I never saw this – my life – coming. But isn't that the story for all of us?

When you have the attention span of a gnat, itchy feet and an aversion to normal, you don't get thrown curve balls; you are the curve ball. And I wouldn't want it any other way. It makes life interesting, and interesting is anything but predictable.

Where I've landed this time – four months ago to be precise – is at the base of the Victorian Alps in cycling heaven. Yes, heaven. For those of you who haven't yet seen heaven, it's located in the Ovens Valley near Bright. And in the four months I've been in heaven, I've ridden my bike six times. Horrific, I know.

Instead, I've been working with snow, helping to grow the little economy of Dinner Plain near Mount Hotham by promoting its tourism offerings (did you know they do sled dog rides? Yes, they're super fun, so book now!!). It's been a fascinating journey and one that's demanded much more time than I thought it would. Hence why I've gone MIA at Cycle Traveller in recent months. Things won't always be that way, but for now, that's the space I'm in. I've been meeting interesting people, learning important life lessons, and – I believe – doing good for a small community.

But things are not always as they seem, and while all may look quiet on the website, I have actually been working – at weekends when I should be riding my bike – tapping away on this laptop trying to complete the Great Dividing Range Bicycle Touring Route. It is my priority, my great big elephant in the room.

I've been so excited and so passionate about this project for so long that the fact I haven't been able to launch it weighs heavily on me – especially because it has been so close to completion for months now.

But sometimes life demands other things of you: people get sick; you need to earn money; work commitments go haywire – they're not excuses – just real life situations I've had to accept.

So, to sum that all up, Simon and I are well. We've gone MIA somewhere near Mount Hotham trying to earn a buck or two, and while all may seem quiet on the website front, behind the scenes our attention is focused on the Australian Bicycle Route Project. The GDR Route is coming, and we're still very excited.

I hope you are all well. If you have any fabulous gear reviews, blog posts or adventures you would like to share on Cycle Traveller, please do send them through to


Good news. I was starting to wonder - and worry a bit.

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